Thursday, December 21, 2006

Connect to Remote SQL Server Configuration Manager

From Start --> SQL Server 2005 --> SQL Server Configuration Manager you can only connect to Local SQL Server instances. To connect to Remote instance’s SQL Server Configuration Manager there are two methods :-
(a) From SQL Server Management Studio

1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
2. Click on Cancel if the Connect to Server dialog pops up.
3. In Management Studio, click on the View menu and select Registered Servers (if it is not visible)
4. In the Registered Servers window, right-click on Database Engine, select New and then Server Registration. This will launch the New Server Registration dialog.
5. In the New Server Registration dialog, enter the name of the remote computer in the Server name field, click on Test and then Save. If the Database Engine on the remote computer requires SQL Server authentication, you have to change Authentication to SQL Server Authentication to enter the username and password.
6. Back in the Registered Servers window in SQL Server Management Studio, right-click on the remote computer and select SQL Server Configuration Manager to configure the remote computer

(b) From MyComputer

1. Right button on “My computer” and select Manage and you will get Computer Management Window
2. Right click on Computer Management and select Connect to another computer.
3. You will have a "Select Computer Window"
4. Give the Remote Computer Name and press OK
5. Now, you will have the remote computer's Computer Management Window
6. Click on Services and Applications7. Select SQL Server Configuration Manager


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