Wednesday, May 21, 2008

FAQ - How to use Stored Procedure in Select Query

Very common question in T-SQL Forums

The requirement is, need to use Stored procedure output (Exec SP) in Select query or in a Join. There is a method which may not be a recommended one. You can create a LoopBack Linked server to your own server and use OPENQUERY TO extract the data by EXECUTE Stored procedure.

LoopBack Linked Server

Linked servers can be defined to point back (loop back) to the server on which they are defined. Loopback servers are most useful when testing an application that uses distributed queries on a single server network.


('SQLOLEDB','Server=(local);TRUSTED_CONNECTION=YES;','set fmtonly off exec master.dbo.sp_who')


sp_addlinkedserver @server = N'MyLink',
@srvproduct = N' ',
@provider = N'SQLNCLI',
@datasrc = N'MyServer',
@catalog = N'AdventureWorks'

Note :
@server = N'MyLink' : It can not be your Server name. It is just a name and can be anything otherthan your actual servername. IF you give your server name in this parameter you will get an error as follows
Msg 15028, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_MSaddserver_internal, Line 89
The server 'LHI-115' already exists.

@datasrc = N'MyServer' : This parameter value has to be your server name or IP.

@catalog =N'AdventureWorks' : This is the database in which the Stored procedure exists.

OPENQUERY to Extract data from Loopback linkeserver

Select *from openquery([YourLoopbackServerName],'exec AdventureWorks.dbo.sptest')


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